Rube-Goldberg Machines

Rube-Goldberg machines are defined by wikipedia as a “device, or apparatus deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion, usually including a chain reaction.” Rube-Goldberg machines show the transfer of different kinds of energy in a variety of ways.

During Science Expo on Wednesday, May 25th our classes will be building their very own Rube-Goldberg machines. To get an idea of what these sorts of constructions look like, I’ve provided a few popular examples to view on YouTube below. Use these examples to identify some commonly used materials, tools and simple machines that you may want to bring it to put together your own Rube-Goldberg machine. Of course, we’ll want you to come up with different ideas too! More detailed information on the criteria for your machines will be provided as we get closer to Science Expo day!

Earth Surface Photo Project

Make sure you have the following important pieces to your project by printing a draft of your assignment and completing the following:

  • A creative title in Red that connects to your photo
  • Location of where the photo was taken place in blue
  • What you believe the location previously looked like before weathering and erosion in green
  • Description of the type of weathering or erosion that has taken place in purple. Circle the scientific vocabulary used.
  • Explanation of why you picked this location over others in orange
  • Another photo with explanation of similarities or differences in weathering / erosion in brown
  • Recommendation for action to be taken by Reading Department of Works in yellow.

Put together our YouTube rock cycle

Today we will be linking together our videos with YouTube annotations in order to make our interactive YouTube rock cycles!

Before we begin, all student groups need to add their YouTube links to the google doc to organize our videos and determine which videos we will link to.

Click here to open the google doc.

Or follow this shortened URL:

Today will also be an opportunity to use the URL shortener to make a link to your google doc more manageable for people to access. We will use Click here to access where you will paste your google doc notes and works cited URL into the shortener and add your new link to your YouTube video!